Psychoanalysis, Obama and Education Speech

As a psychoanalyst working therapeutically with high school students at an alternative high after their expulsion from the regular high
school, I am alarmed by these irrational reactions to President Obama
speaking directly to high school students about the importance of hard
work and and staying in school.
Our Analytic Service to Adolescents Program (ASAP), a joint program of the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis and Morton Alternative High School (visit focuses on emotional difficulties usually related to trauma, that interfere with students wanting to work hard, and graduate. Many are the first in their families to do so. Is there anyone, Republican or Democrat who could be against that?

I fear that since the election of President Obama we are operating out of fear giving way to irrational responses. With two wars, severe economic stress, and uncertainty about the future, the President has become the object of this fear and subsequent rage. Our president is not the enemy, but anxiety about the unknown or uncertain future is.


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