Analytic Service to Adolescents Program (ASAP) in NY Times

We are very pleased with last Sunday’s article in the New York Times Chicago edition and the NY Times Online, about ASAP and Morton Alternative School which can be viewed by clicking the following

ASAP, a joint treatment and research project of Morton Alternative High School (MAS) and the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis represents the best of what psychoanalysis can offer to communities and what communities, in this instance an alternative high school, can offer to an institute for psychoanalytic education.

As the article describes, MAS is the last stop for troubled students kicked out of the regular two public high schools in Cicero, Illinois. In addition to regular educational and counseling services provided by the school, ASAP provides more in-depth individual and group treatment. We have shown through qualitative and quantitative data that we have received levels of depression and anxiety.

With the generous support of the Arthur Foundation, a local foundation interested in supporting educational efforts especially in Hispanic neighborhoods in the area, the American Psychoanalytic Foundation, and individual donors, ASAP hopes to increase funding to support more psychoanalytic treatment for students at the school.

We are a small program with big ambitions. Paying close attention to the internal states of students, in all school settings, can only increase students’ capacity to learn and function at home, school, and in all social situations. ASAP is committed to providing opportunity for students to reach their potential, graduate high school, and become productive in their interpersonal and working lives. We have begun efforts to replicate the program at a middle school in New York City, and at local high school in southwest Michigan.

This article will help us achieve our goals.


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